The Art of Hanging Art Work Series

The art of hanging art work

Art can add style, color and inspiration into any space. Captivating arrangements can always enhance your home decor. We want to share a few simple techniques to arrange your art pieces and help you create the perfect space for your home!

Here are some useful tips you can consider when installing artwork:


  • Use picture hooks, much more effective than nails or screws and much more easier to instal. Use 2-3 hooks for each artwork to ensure it remains straight and leveled.
  • Position your art at eye level, the eye level is 152cm off the ground.
  • Secure your artwork by using bumpers and velcro tabs to protect your wall and keep pieces secure.
  •  Leave Spaces between your pieces, leave at least a gap of around 5cm between the pieces. If the pieces are small, you can reduce the spaces between 3-4cms.
  • Use furniture and other markers, make sure it is placed centrally over the object.
  • Consider your home’s overall design and theme. Consider the color blends and styles that best suit your furniture and decor.
  • Group your artworks on a large piece of paper and once you’ve decided on arrangement, you can trace it on the wall to guide you when it comes to hanging time.
  •  Create balance by matching the size of your artwork o the size of your wall.
  •  Use more neutral or light colored pieces to sooth an already bright space.


Reminder that grouping multiple pieces together can give your home an incredibly stylish lift. Consider leaning artworks against walls, placing art on shelves or mantels, installing picture rails or bulletin boards.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, you can decorate your home with not just art, you can use mounted fabrics or wallpapers, photographs, mirrors and much more.

Come visit our showroom and check out our wide verity of decorative art and mirrors that can transform any space in your home!


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